Best PC Games in 2021

Choosing the best PC games in 2021 can be challenging, as there’s stiff competition available online. Well, we won’t let this saturated gaming market daunt us. Here’s our list of the top 12 PC games in 2021. Pick yours and start playing!

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Among Us

While Among Us released in 2018, it wasn’t until 2020 that the game suddenly exploded with popularity. It’s an online multiplayer game with social deduction elements. Newbies worldwide were working out how to play Among Us within minutes of downloading it, while others were trying to see how to get it on PC and Mac for free.

There are two sides in Among Us: the crew members and the impostor. Everyone is on a spaceship dressed as futuristic Teletubbies, completing tasks and keeping everything running smoothly. However, one among them (haha) is a sneaky, two-faced character intent on killing everyone.

Of course, learning the trick of being a good impostor can be challenging among a crew of players. You can’t perform any tasks, which is almost a dead giveaway. Every now and again, there will be a meeting to determine who the culprit is. It’s at this point that you need to bluff as hard as you can to have someone else ejected.

While players are using some of the best impostor tips to stay alive, crew members are also keeping their game alive as long as possible. Urgency is in the air as they work to complete all ship tasks and remove the culprit before it’s too late.


Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed has been around for a very long time, dating back to 1994. Need for Speed Heat is the latest adventure taking place in Palm City, the street-racer’s paradise. Huste by day, risk it all by night is their motto.

As usual, there’s a central plot that drives the storyline. You can also indulge in side missions that will aid you in gaining credits to supe up your ride. There are new performance parts for you to unlock, while you can also trick out and tweak your car to match your style.

There’s action and intrigue in every corner that will have you playing for days on end. Compete in the Speedhunter Showdown where you can earn Bank to customize your car and feel the thrill to enter illicit street races in the night neon playground.


Grand Theft Auto V

anting to reclaim the success of GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V thrusts you back into the city of Los Santos. With a larger map, more vehicles to steal and destroy, and a more extensive array of activities, the latest game in the series too the world by storm. It also introduced a new multiplayer component called GTA Online that’s still active to this day.

Instead of one protagonist, or antagonist if you will, there are three characters to cycle through. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor each have their own pasts and stories, which unite in this exciting action drama. Of course, Michael and Trevor have a score to settle, while Franklin is caught in the middle of it.

The plot revolves around the group performing heists and building their bankroll towards the ultimate robbery of the century. There’s a heavy focus on property ownership, as you can now buy homes, vehicles, and establishments for a daily income. You can also store any car, bike, or plane you acquire in a garage or hangar.

All aspects of the campaign carry over into GTA Online, except that there are fun multiplayer modes for you to enjoy. You’ll enter lobbies for races or heists, challenge other in solo or team games, and grow you reputation and ranking for exciting rewards.



If you’re not into killing and stealing, you can try Minecraft for a change of pace. It’s a sandbox, survival crafting game that starts you off in a world with nothing but your good looks and wits. Of course, if you’re lacking either of those, you can merely box a tree and start building with some wood.

There are several biomes for you to live in, each with unique qualities. While you may settle down in one, you’ll often travel to others to harvest resources. For instance, the desert contains sand to transform into glass, and the grasslands have flowers to turn into dye.

You’ll also find plenty of animals with different uses. Some are excellent sources of food, while you can tame horses or foxes or breed them to obtain an adorable baby. You can also indulge in farming and fishing, growing your small village to a massive kingdom in a matter of days.

All’s not love and roses, though. If you’re playing survival mode, your evenings will see monsters arise in the dark of the night. You’ll spend days collecting and crafting, while the sunset will see you either hiding in fear or running around slaughtering creatures for unique items. Don’t forget to build portals to other dimensions once you’ve advanced far enough.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Everyone loves a party game, right? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout presents an online battle arena title that places 60 players on a map to see who will survive. You’ll start in random teams, throwing objects at each other while running around looking like a jelly bean.

While not as intense as Fortnite, you’ll battle through several rounds that only last three minutes each. Ultimately, a full game will last you around 25 minutes. The action is over rather quickly, but that’s the aspect that makes this game so appealing.

The rounds aren’t all the same, either. Sometimes you’ll need to race to the finish, while others levels encourage you to eliminate opponents before the closing walls crush you all. Team modes also provide goals to each side, which you’ll need to achieve before the timer runs out.

In the end, it’s a bright, colorful game that both adults and children can enjoy. You can also experiment with different parts of your jelly bean for a unique look. As a reward for your efforts, you’ll receive experience points, Kudoz, and gold coins to purchase in-game items.


Grand Theft Auto IV

When the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 appeared, no game showed their true capabilities until Grand Theft Auto IV appeared in 2008. With pristine graphics and intence gameplay, it was the most expansive GTA game in the series. Sadly, the naming system changed to numbering instead of unique titles, but it was the mark of a new era in criminal gaming.

Every aspect from previous iterations is expanded on, while there are new activities you can enjoy. For instance, you can now take girls on dates, increasing your relationship with them. New map icons show you where you can play darts, enjoy a warm meal, or spend some time in a strip club.

Speaking of adult entertainment, GTA IV went all out to add as much sexual and explicit content as possible, which is what made parents want to shut the game down. It didn’t stop gamers worldwide to play as Niko Bellic, a former war veteran landing in Liberty City to escape his criminal past. You’ll follow his adventures as he joins his cousin in reaping revenge against past betrayals.

So much work was put into the making of GTA IV that it was labelled as the most expensive title produced in the history of gaming. It was a change of pace that players enjoying, leading the way for the next one in the series.



The soccer game market has been around for several decades, feasting on the fever that fills every sports fan worldwide. FIFA 21 follows on the success of a series that publishes a new game every year. While this practice allows for new features and game modes, the main reason is to keep up with seasonal changes in real live clubs and tournaments while also taking as much money from gamers.

You can start in smaller clubs while building your reputation until you join the larger associations. EA seems to be employing the same mechanic in many of their other annual publications, such as Madden NFL 21 and UFC 4.

If you’ve been a FIFA player for several years, you’ll feel right at home. Most of the game modes are the same, while you can also play online against other gamers. Grab extra controllers on home consoles and you can have four players on the same screen.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Two years after the success of Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas brought players to Los Santos. It’s a fictional city heavily based on real-world Nevada and California. The name resembled Los Angeles, and the storyline vaguely mirrors street gang rivalries in the 90s. With similar gameplay elements as the previous GTA titles, you’re once again thrust into the world of drama, intrigue, and crime.

GTA: San Andreas is still seen to this day as one of the most successful games in the series, introducing the ability to control planes and fly to your next mission. There’s more of a RPG focus, as you can train the protagonist at the gym to beef him up and fine-tune specific skills. Clothing and vehicles have customization options, which are both features that players thoroughly enjoyed.

Speaking of our hero, Carl "CJ" Johnson decides to return home to Los Santos when his mother dies. Quickly drawn back into the life of crime, he discovers that several gangs have taken over the town. He decides to take back the hood, one suburb at a time.

While there is a central plot, players take their time clearing each area and claiming it for CJ’s gang. Eventually, you’ll own the entire map, which is what bring’s the ultimate satisfaction.



The final game on our list enters the horror realm. Phasmophobia a four-player online psychological thriller set to send your hair on end. You’ll journey through haunted locations, investigating which spirits are causing trouble as a paranormal detective. You and your team mates will have different equipment at your disposal to solve the ghostly crime.

For the sake of variety, twelve different ghosts exist in Phasmophorbia. Each one has a unique trait, but they’ll all sap your Sanity if you come too close. The more time you spend hunting them down, the more aggressive they become.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto has come a long way since it launched in 1997. GTA: Vice City followed hot on GTA III’s heels in 2002, featuring Vercetti after 15 years in prison. Finally free, you’ll play as the hilarious protagonist who’s surrounded by crime, corruption, and characters intent on killing you.

You play in an open world that you can freely roam at will. The game highlights missions with unique symbols, driving the story with main missions while you can also complete side quests. As the title suggests, there are different vehicles to steal to make your adventures more exciting.

Of course, you’ll also need to evade the cops when they catch you in any criminal activity. Sometimes it’s as a consequence of the plot while other times merely hitting a pedestrian with your car is cause enough. Your wanted level is indicated by stars, which you’ll need to lower to be rid of the pursuing police.

While the original game had square visual dimensions, there’s a GTA: Vice City widescreen fix you can install for modern monitors. Sure, the graphics will remain outdated, but at least the user interface and HUD have a better presentation.


The Sims 4

Are you tired of living your life? Well, then live the life of another. The Sims 4 is a simulation game where you create an avatar and build a career based on specific traits. You’ll need to study and practice to build up your skill levels until you can earn a promotion.

When you reach the end of your career line, you can switch job and start at the bottom again. Of course, your work level links to how much you earn. As you advance your financial situation, you can expand your home and buy new items to enjoy.

Not all home improvements are for decoration. Most items have a skill component to them that will increase your logic, social meter, or fun, to name a few. If there’s a specific aspect you need to improve, you’ll need to see what’s available to purchase that will aid you in your personal quest towards perfection.

The developers won’t let the title go stagnant. They release seasonal events and downloadable content (DLC), delivering new items and activities for you to enjoy. Head over to Batuu in the Star Wars game pack, or sit down for a relaxing knitting session with the latest Stuff Pack.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a trucker? This game is one of the most exciting titles on our list, as we’ve invested several hours riding around and making deliveries in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Sure, there’s no action involved, and you may actually fall asleep at the wheel, but there’s something about building a trucking empire that keeps calling us back.

You’ll start as a driver taking jobs driving trucks around making deliveries. When you make enough funds, you can buy your own vehicle to complete orders. Eventually, you can purchase trailers to make a better profit for those long hauls.

ETS 2 you’ll see realistic locations, but your goal is to own garages in every city and hire drivers to complete more orders for a better income. There’s also a vast online community where you can participate in seasonal events. Just don’t forget to refuel, or you may find your truck being towed to the closest fuel station.

The graphics and sound are exceptionally realistic, so be careful playing this on your own on a cold winter night. If you have a mic, you can speak to the apparitions for a new supernatural experience. You’ll need to save evidence of their existence before you can sell it to the removal team.

Are you ready to get gamin’?

Every year we see new games churning out, and sometimes the best titles are ones from the past. We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown of the best PC games in 2021. Feel free to send us which ones you look forward to releasing this year.